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With a vast array of experiences both personal and professional, Margaret Smith International Speaker holds a wealth of knowledge to help you become your very best. Please view the services below:


This is an extremely important address made to a gathering to focus on points that are considered currently of importance to them. It is to overview the reason they are gathered together and open it by engaging participants with humour or facts according to each specific event. Duration one hour.


Designed to work closely with clients individually to stand with them and support them through challenges in Life. A personal approach to guide them to change and to success in their Life.

Price on application.


Designed when a group of like -minded people are all focused on the same goal and can move together to achieve success. Great for workmates or groups of sports people to sit as a group and all want the same for each other.

Price on application.


Behavioural understanding of yourself and others for longer lasting relationships and connections. When we accept how we really behave and how others see us we can deal with others differently.

Setting your sights to love yourself first in order to see love in others and acceptance of everyone. Only when you truly love all parts of your life can you feel empowered and in complete control.

Setting goals to ensure that your life is your design and not just what comes to you. People need to spend more time setting out their most desirable life and putting steps into place to achieving that.

Finding your inner strength and courage to make changes needed to move forward and inhibit your limiting beliefs. Do not let the voices in your head tell you it cannot be done. You need to train the voice to speak only in a positive way.

Learning to leave the past where it belongs and use it only as a lesson to move forward. You cannot change it so why waste energy and time trying to. Accept what you have done is your responsibility and move on

Dealing with grief so you can move on faster to life ahead. We all deal with this across all parts of our life however understanding how and why it happens moves us to acceptance and to Life again.

Know that in order to succeed in business you must understand and put The Principles of Success into place. A lot of people start business and wonder why it fails. After seven businesses I can assure you that these principles will point you towards success quicker

Wonderful things happen when you open your heart to volunteer and work with those with disabilities. When we give we open our heart to caring for others and when we care for others we experience a whole new found love and respect for people who are challenged in life.

Living on the fringe of life is all good and means you do not conform to the normal and that is just fine. It takes many types of people to make up this amazing world and if you feel like you often do not belong in main stream you should create your life around what you believe and feel and what other think of you is none of your business


Designed to ensure people understand the behaviours of themselves and others and learn to deal with each person accordingly. Important in the workplace to ensure a cohesive team is created and each person is aware of why others speak and act as they do therefore eliminating conflict and creating more productivity.

Duration: ninety minutes.