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Michael McLean
D & D Insurance Services

I am delighted to highly recommend Margaret Smith and her presentation of : What Colour Is Your Personality?

Learning how to communicate and build trust with others comes in part from understanding your own personality and being able to recognise the personality traits of others. If you are looking for yourself or your team to gain insight and build better relationships with peers, staff or customers then invite Margaret into your organisation, business or school and learn how to identify your own personality traits and those of others you communicate with. This is not a dry academic presentation, be prepared to have a laugh with Margaret as you discover the Colour of Your Personality.

Maree Malouf
Relationship Connection & Engagement Specialists

“Margaret Smith spoke at our KBN group today and talked about TRUE COLOURS – Understanding your own behaviours and the behaviours of others. The group found Margaret’s presentation quite enlightening, intriguing and fun, asking so many questions of interest in relation to themselves, their workplace and their relationships. It is always great to learn more about ourselves and we all thank Margaret for sharing this wonderful topic with us. It certainly had our members thinking about what colour they could be. Thank you Margaret for sharing.”

Ryan Barabas
Elever Property Group

It was great to meet, discuss and see your presentation. The down to earth talk was simple but productive. I felt it was only the beginning of what could become something big in our business.

Elise Thomson
Your Place Mortgage Brokers

Seeing Margaret speak was so informative and interesting! It gave me insight into not just myself in personal life but also business and more understanding of how to better interact with those around us. In todays competitive culture of business it’s important to have as much information and as many skills as possible to be successful and I really enjoyed the insights which Margaret provided! Thanks so much Margaret!