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Margaret is an Intuitive, Inspiring tell it like it is International Speaker travelling the world speaking to groups of people wanting change in their lives. They seek guidance from Margaret as they know that she has achieved her true purpose in life and now wishes that for all mankind. Her true gift is her pragmatic approach to life that stirs people to get up and start taking action moving them towards their own purpose.

Born in New Zealand and lived a lot of my life in the beautiful South Island where my dad taught me to fly fish in the clear unspoiled waters of the beautiful Waitaki river. Queenstown in all of its splendour was my parents  choice of holiday destinations.

Married and pregnant at 18 and 3 beautiful daughters by 30 .Lost both my parents when they were quite young and my sister when she was 49 from lung cancer.

Lived in the tropics of Darwin for 25 years where I separated from my ex, raised my girls and met my current partner. I beat breast cancer at 50 and created a new version of me by 60.

I Have travelled extensively with over 350 flights in the past 44 years to all parts of the world. I have been to  South Africa, Austria, France, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Dubai, and hold great memories  from Vancouver, Paris, Las Vegas, Scotland Liverpool  The Austrian Alps and English Countryside.

I live for today I tell it like it is every time and see my future only, as the roller coaster that is my life is beginning right now and it is full steam ahead . I hope to connect with as many of you as I can to share your desires going forward as well..

With gratitude.

  • I have jumped off a moving cruise linerSpent 16 years in direct sales as consultant then team Manager then Senior manager growing and guiding teams.
  • I have Climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge,
  • Walked to the top of the Q1 on The Gold Coast ,
  • I have stood next to  a field of zebras ,
  • I once pushed a quadriplegic from an aeroplane as she sky dived.
  • I have stolen a sacred rock from The Grand Canyon, and loved everything in The Louvre and spat off the Eiffel Tower
  • I overcame my fear of flying and  my fear of roller coasters .
  • I once lost 38 kilos on a diet however my love of chocolate and wine will always see me 8 kilos heavier than I should be.
  • I do not like snakes, large hairy spiders or swimming in the ocean, however will tolerate spiders if needed.
  • will never tolerate people using drugs or those who make them, people who harm children in any way or anyone abusing women.
  • I love to talk, to garden to read and play with my grand children and to Cruise the high seas.
  • I love to dance, good New Zealand wine and pink champagne.
  • I love my friends , I always say it like it is and I will always work to help others in life.
  • I choose The Beatles as my all time favourite group and Yesterday as my favourite  ever song.
  • I choose Jenny Darwin in Bali , and  it’s people as beautiful in every way. I recently visited Bali and my friend Jenny had passed away from cancer RIP My sweet beautiful friend
  • I have a very special chocolate love for my 6 beautiful grand children and my wonderful daughters , their partners and my partner who has been pulled along on my crazy ride of life.