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Joan died and left me a Plant

Flower Powa


I love to be in my garden. If I am not with my family or talking somewhere that is where you will find me and I know why. Welcome to my Blog. I have wondered for years how to combine my speaking and my love of plants into something more than thoughts in my head and today 6th June 2019 D Day I decided how that would work and look. I cannot remember a time as an adult that I have not loved plants and also remember enjoying them as a child only for the bright colours and smells. Some flowers were like perfume to me and I never forgot that, so with visions of my Father pottering daily in his garden with his green thumb, I commence this blog. I remember carnations daffodils and roses were his favourite and now they are mine with their heavenly fragrances swirling around me as I use this time to be closest to my god, to find clarity within my life and where therapy is the cheapest on the planet.

Each bed in my garden has special meaning too me and was designed and grown that way and the first bed I set down reminds me of a dear friend lost to lung cancer from smoking. This a realisation that after watching several close friends and family die this way that I am so pleased I stopped this habit over twenty- six years ago. Joan was a good friend and when she was diagnosed she asked her friends to visit and take home a treasure from her home to remind us of her. Of course I asked for her Pony tail plant in a huge pot and told her she would never be forgotten as I would see it and talk to her every day and that it just what has happened. Joan travelled in her pot from one end of Australia to the other for twelve years and finally one year ago I planted her in the ground and for the first time she flowered, much to my surprise. This garden bed within my huge garden reminds me that life can be taken so quickly and at just forty- nine Joan was gone from my life so I live life on a high every day. Life is not a rehearsal so what you do today will not be repeated and you will not the time back again. Drink the wine eat the chocolate and find a job that makes your heart sing.

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